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Veterinary Internal Medicine

VESCONE’s Internal Medicine Department diagnoses and manages diseases of the:

  • Gastrointestinal disease
  • Urogenital disease including kidneys, bladder, ureter, and urethra  
  • Endocrine systems disease including thyroid, adrenal, pancreatic and diabetic conditions
  • Respiratory disease including oronasal and bronchial and lungs
  • Hematologic and Immunologic diseases including autoimmune diseases of the red and white blood cells and other forms of anemia
  • Infectious disease including tick borne, parasitic, and bacterial and viral conditions
  • Oncologic disease in concert with the New England Oncology Group located in our building
  • Cardiac disease in concert with our mobile cardiologists from the New England Veterinary Specialists

We offer all manner of diagnostics and treatments including:

  • Abdominal, thoracic and cardiac ultrasound and ultrasound guided biopsies and aspirates.
  • CT (nasal, thoracic, abdominal)
  • Digital contrast radiography
  • Video endoscopy, rhinoscopy, tracheoscopy, bronchoscopy
  • Bone marrow aspirates
  • Tracheal and bronchoalveolar lavage
  • Placement of  feeding tubes and parenteral nutrition
  • Blood product transfusion

To provide you with impeccable service and care, our Internist and Radiologist work closely with the other specialty services at VESCONE and our affiliate, the New England Veterinary Oncology Group (NEVOG). More critical patients receive the level of care they need for quick diagnoses and management of their medical problems through the collaboration of the Internal Medicine Department and our Emergency and Critical Care Department.

Most importantly, our Internal Medicine Department works in close partnership with your family veterinarian to provide advanced diagnostics, sophisticated techniques and therapeutic options for complex diseases. You and your veterinarian are always kept informed of your pet’s medical status while in the hospital and will be given daily updates.

If you are a veterinarian and would like to refer your patient to our internal medicine team, please fill out the referral form here.